Full of Noises is a sound art and new music organisation based in a public park on Cumbria’s Furness Peninsula. We produce and commission new work from contemporary composers and sound artists through a programme of residencies, performances and public realm installations.

Since forming in 2009, we have produced over one hundred events, including seven biennial festivals, showcasing new work by over two hundred artists. Current projects include a series of residencies in partnership with South Walney Nature Reserve, site specific commissions for Barrow Park and developing a new residency centre and on-site performance space.


Locus Sonus is a work group attached to ESA-Aix (Ecole Superieure d’Art d’Aix-En-Provence) and the French Ministry for Culture, integrated with research unit PRISM « Perception, Representations, Image, Sound, Music » (Aix Marseille University, CNRS). The main aim of Locus Sonus is to explore the ever evolving relationship between sound, place and usage with a methodology that places artistic experimentation at the center of their research. Locus Sonus are the project lead on technical resources and interfaaces, bringing unique expertise in digital technologies for real-time streaming, including a dedicated software developer, an artist and technologist with deep experience of live streaming.


CONA Institute for Contemporary Arts Processing is a non profit cultural institution based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Its main activity, mission and aim is the production of contemporary art projects merging different fields of creativity, mainly classified within multimedia and musical arts, also encouraging and producing educational activities. CONA has worked and collaborated nationally and internationally with a string of acclaimed and renowned local and international artists, institutions and partners. CONA brings a history of developing and delivering innovative work with sound and radio to the project through a programme of residencies and performances. presented in a glasshouse within the City Botanical Gardens in the centre of Ljubljana.


Soundcamp (SC) brings together 3 artists and academics with 40 years' experience of making and commissioning work on sound and place internationally. Soundcamp initiated a program of innovative sound and ecology micro festivals (‘soundcamps’) around sound and ecology, growing from a single event in 2014 to 21 worldwide in 2018. In 2014 SC produced a live 24 hour radio broadcast of the dawn chorus (Reveil), the first of its kind. Reveil has since involved over 1000 artists and reached an estimated 60,000 listeners over 5 editions. A network of organisations around the world allows us to work between the global and the very local, using a mix of participatory real-time technologies.

Associate Partners


Cyberforest at the University of Tokyo are the world’s leading research laboratory working with live audio data for environmental monitoring. Cyberforest have been streaming live data from the University of Tokyo forests since the early days of the public internet. They bring to the project a unique experience with off-grid live streaming installations, and experience with using the streams for remote ecological census and citizen science, including their remote bird census. Cyberforest also bring a long term interest in phenology, which crosses over between arts and sciences.


HMU are a dedicated department working with sound in Crete. Katerina Tzedaki of TEI has participated in Reveil in previous editions. TEI’s involvement brings an increased geographical spread for the project, with access to sounds and perspectives from Southern Europe; the introduction of a new organisation to live streaming who will be mentored by the project; participation from students; technical resources and the potential act as a hub for other soundcamps locally; links with land based organisations in Crete for siting of streamboxes.


Collaborators and artists involved in the project to date include:

Evaluation and audience development:

Angharad Cooper, Angus Carlyle, Ella Finer,

Publication design:

Sam Baraitser Smith

Creative Technical Workshop:

Gregoire Lauvin,


Reveil broadcast, projects & commissions:

Public Works, Rachel Sale, Iva Yos, Acoustic Commons Study Group Lee Patterson, Julia Parks, RL Wilson Resonance FM/Extra(UK), Soundart Radio (UK) Wave Farm/WGXC(NY), NAISA Radio (Canada), Colaboradio (Berlin), Phaune Radio (Canada, France), Radio Campus (France), Radio Patapoe (Amsterdam), Orange 94 (Austria), Oscillation festival (Brussels), Radio Tsonami (Chile), Wildlife Sound Recording Society (WSRS), Colaboradio (Berlin), Radio Campus (France), Archipel Stadions Community Radio (Berlin), Chimeres Radio (Athens), ΠΝode (Brussels).

CONA residencies and exhibitions:

Streambox host sites:

South Walney Nature Reserve


Streaming: The streaming (live transmission) of real-time environmental sounds from open microphones at specific places around the world to an Icecast server for distribution on a public webpage (soundmap). Streams may be permanent (using a long-term streambox ) or transient (using a mobile app).

REVEIL relays the sounds of live open microphones operated by streamers on the Locus Sonus soundmap, Cyberforest programme, LIDO deep water hydrophone observatory, Biom Open Microphone network, and elsewhere. It spans from formal research to domestic projects and one-off broadcasts.

Acoustic Commons will add permanent open microphones to the network each year, as well as highlighting the work of streamers from across the existing network.

To contribute a stream to Reveil 2021 using a mobile phone, laptop or Raspberry Pi, see the recipes for streamers. Each stream adds to the variety and scope of this 7th transect. Please check these workshop resources for more information.